Retrieval Mats

These retrieval mats cover the key knowledge and concepts for the topic. They could be used at a distance from learning as a form of assessment. Alternatively, they could be snipped into individual tasks and used as lesson starters. Retrieval practice should be quick, so these could provide a low stakes opportunity for retrieval.  

Odd One Out

Based on the work of Allan Paivio, Dual Coding suggests that combining pictures and words helps us learn and remember this information better than if we were to use images or words alone. These sheets are mapped out for Y1-6 topics and are vocabulary rich.

My First Thoughts

These sheets can be printed onto A3 paper and used at the beginning of a topic for children to record things they already know. It could be used as a form of pre-assessment. Over the course of the lesson sequence, the pupil’s schemas will develop and children can add information to their maps in different colours.

Curriculum Overviews

Detailed topic overviews showing progression, prior learning, key concepts, lesson sequencing and vocabulary

Available for EYFS-KS3 in History, Geography and Science