Planning Opportunites for Retrieval Practice

Retrieval practice can be used to consolidate and develop knowledge already taught. The Plenty Think Retrieval Practice Mats offer printable mats with varied activities to try. By planning opportunities for children to take part in activities where they are expected to remember and use information from previous lessons, this supports long-term recall. When they use recall, children have to reconstruct and reinforce the knowledge they have already learned (Agarwal et al, 2018). Where possible, retrieval activities should be planned frequently and without prompts so that children develop their confidence and speed when remembering key knowledge. It is important for teachers to be clear about what the specific knowledge from their lesson is when using this within their retrieval activities (Sherrington, 2019). Over time, pupils are able to retrieve this knowledge with ease. Please see some ideas for how to implement retrieval in your lessons below:

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