How can we use Popplet for home learning?

Today I played around with the website Popplet. This is a brilliant website that could be used at home to consolidate learning in National Curriculum core and foundation subjects. The popplet boards are like mind maps. I took the Y3 Science curriculum as an example and made a popplet board to demonstrate my understanding of some of the key knowledge.

This is brilliant because it is an opportunity for children to retrieve information they can remember from before school closures. Also, teachers could give feedback and prompts for children to add to their popplets. This will help them to build a robust schema. A schema is an interconnected web of items and knowledge (Didau).

You could set this as a home learning activity and children can make a popplet board on the demo mode, without any sign up. You can just share the website URL and ask children to take a photograph of their work. The dark blue box is a set of simple instructions to show you the steps to follow when making a board. This is helpful and children could follow this with very little adult support. There is also a draw feature so that children can demonstrate their understanding of the graphic parts of Science. For example, how a shadow is formed.

These would be great to use alongside the Plenty Think retrieval mats. These activities include all of the key knowledge and vocabulary for History, Science and Geography National Curriculum topics. You could use them to set a Popplet task and then prompt children to add further information.

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