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Ahead of the possible reopening of schools, I have started to make some resources to support children with their return. I have been following the work of Barry Carpenter’s ‘Recovery Curriculum’ to begin to create appropriate resources. The first podcast is a valuable listen for teachers and school leaders. The first lever of the recovery curriculum is around relationships. Carpenter acknowledges the impact the rapid closure of schools will have had on children and how this will have disrupted the connection between school, teachers and pupils. School may no longer be deemed safe and since children are taught to distance themselves from people, teachers may also be viewed as unsafe. To help rebuild the relationship, transition will be important. I have prepared some ‘Reach Out’ sheets below for teachers and pupils to complete ahead of return. I have included a scale for children to rank their feelings ahead of coming back. Also, the Short Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale questions could be useful to adapt as a tool to assess which children will need more support.

Carpenter also talks about the need to co-construct lessons and plan opportunities for children to discuss their experiences. He poses questions such as: what did you hear? How did you feel? What are the facts? How was it dealt with? The question cards could be useful for children to discuss experiences and explore their worries and misconceptions.

The Recovery Curriculum also discusses the 5 losses: routine, support, sleep, coping and structure. I have made the reflections sheet pictured opposite to support children to draw or write about things they have missed or lost as a result of COVID. Many pupils will have missed a right of passage, such as the transition to high school or SATS exams.

In order to listen to children and show empathy, I made the bumpy ride sheet to allow them to share their own feelings. It is useful for teachers to share their feelings too. We know how we feel, but we don’t know how the children feel. This sheet will help to explore how they have felt and validate their feelings.

To help develop children’s resilience, I have made the ‘Who can support me?’ sheet. Children can fill in the circles with names to understand how relationships can help them to deal with their feelings.